1. How long does it take to make 1 door ?

The production process is completed within 30 working days, depending on the model and ordered amount.

2. Does the company provide installation service ?

The company has a team of professional technicians who install the products at the location in a fast, safe and correct manner. The company also provides installation guarantees.

3. What door sizes can the company produce ?

Due to the readiness of our factory and staff, we can produce special size doors with a width of 1.2-1.5m and a height of 2.20 – 3m or above. Other special properties may also be customized such as sound proof, fire proof and ray proof.

4. What kind of doors does the brand CHAPTER produce and where are they sold ?

The brand “CHAPTER” responds to the demands of customer groups that cover all designs such as homes, condominiums, hotels and resorts. Customers may select and personalize their doors of unlimited styles such as genuine wooden doors, melamine coated doors, laminated doors and veneer doors. All models have natural imitated patterns and a range of colors to select from.

5. BEST Ready-made wooden doors ?

“BEST” products have a variety of models for choosing. Customers may purchase their ready-made doors as they wish at modern trade stores such as Global House, Thai Watsadu, Mega Home, DoHome, Home Hub, SCG Home Solution and leading construction material and hardware dealers throughout the country.

6. I would like a great door for my house that meets my personal needs! What should I do ?

The company provides service in consultations to help each customer select the most suitable door for their requirements and preferences. We also produce customized doors following the customer’s personal requests. We have plenty door models ranging from genuine wood doors to laminated doors that will satisfy all of our customer’s styles and home design whether it is modern, classic or contemporary.

7. What're the benefits of using genuine wood doors ?

Doors made from genuine wood are strong, durable, and have a usage time span of over 15 years. Certain wood types can be installed both internally and externally since they have properties of being weather proof (sun proof, rain proof). The doors may be carved with patterns that contribute to the Feng Shui of the home.

8. What types of wood does the company use to produce the doors ?

We use Red Meranti, pine, Champaka, teak, and a variety of imported wood such as oak, ash and walnut.